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School Fundraising

School children

Fundraising with Tooth Fairy Designs 

Tooth Fairy Designs is a new, unique, and patented fundraising method for Elementary Schools. With the help of pictures and letters written by the students, the Tooth Fairy will return their baby teeth to a special capsule placed under their pillow. Tooth Fairy Designs will then preserve, shape, and set the student's best baby tooth into a beautiful Sterling Silver or 14K Gold jewelry article selected by the parents.


Tooth Fairy Designs' Pendants and Charms are the "Class Ring" of elementary schools.  They are not subject to any of the conventional fundraising problems.  Benefits include large revenue potential - no child/parent selling - no inventory storage or management - and nobody eats the product.  Its newer and more interesting than other products that parents can buy for less at Walmart.  Schools partnering with Tooth Fairy Designs will provide parents with a discount on the product, and will receive a significant contribution from every purchase.  While pictures and popcorn and cookies are available everywhere, there is no commercial competitor anywhere in the world to the pproducts provided by Tooth Fairy Designs, and parents cannot buy this product from anyone else.

Take Home Kits

Tooth Fairy Designs will deliver a fun and interesting take home announcement with baby tooth storage bottles attached for each student.  Just give them to the children to take home.  That's all.  Announcements include a discount code unique to each school.  Entering the discount code assures that the parent buyer will get a discount and the school will automatically receive its distribution.

Pre-Fundraiser Promotion

Tooth Fairy Designs will provide social network ready announcements for distribution to your networks of members.

Lower Cost Options

While Tooth Fairy Designs provides custom fine jewelry, it has worked to be inclusive of all communities.  To this end, Tooth Fairy Designs also provides Tooth Fairy Gear that includes books and silver and pewter storage boxes that permit every community to participate in a Tooth Fairy Fundraiser and enjoy the excitement of creating a beautiful family heirloom from the baby teeth everyone saves!

Respect the Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs of Others

Of course, not all children believe in the Tooth Fairy – or in Magic, Santa Claus, Mermaids, the Easter Bunny, Leprechauns, Rainbows, Unicorns, Four-leaf clovers, Jack Frost, the Sandman, or even the Power of Positive Thinking. They bring a great many very different religious beliefs to school.  When they are adults, they will disagree on everything from music to sports, and certainly politics.  Now is time to teach them to respect the traditions, customs, and beliefs of others.  Our Tooth Fairy Challenge promotes respect and acceptance!

You can download our TOOTH FAIRY CHALLANGE School Fundraising Brochure HERE.

Tooth Fairy Design is a BBB Accredited Jewelry Designer in Coppell, TX
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