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Getting Baby Teeth Back From The Tooth Fairy

Where Are My Baby Teeth?

No one knows for sure what Tooth Fairies do with all of the baby teeth they collect.  Whatever it is, they don't need them for very long.  In most cases, the Tooth Fairy will be happy to return your baby teeth if you ask very nicely.

If you put the little bottle from Tooth Fairy Designs under your pillow with your name on the bottle, the Tooth Fairy will put your baby teeth back in it!  Remember, the Tooth Fairy is very sensitive, so it's a good idea to leave a nice note asking for your baby teeth back.  Also, the Tooth Fairy loves pictures, so you should draw a nice one to go with your note.


How To Order

When you get your baby teeth back, its easy to place your order.

1. Select the article you like most and add it to your online cart.

2.  If you have a discount or gift coupon, enter the coupon code when checking out.  You will be asked for a credit or debit card payment (or PayPal).  Our website is both Verified and Secured, so your information is safe.

3. When your order is received, we will send you a special container to protect the baby teeth you ship to us.

4. Place the container with the baby teeth in the preaddressed envelope.   Please send us all of the baby teeth you have so that we can use our experience to select the best tooth.  The others will be returned to you.

Please allow two weeks for processing.  It will be worth the wait! 


Tooth Fairy Design is a BBB Accredited Jewelry Designer in Coppell, TX
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