Customer Reviews

Alejandra King
Extremely satisfied with my pendants. I am very grateful to John and his staff for this special article of jewelry I carried with me. My three kids were very impressed to see their teeth transformed into beautiful pendants.
Veronca Kusen
I love my beautiful pendant of my two sons baby teeth. They are 19 yrs old and 22 yrs old now. I always dreamed that someone can make my children baby teeth into something special a way to remind me the challenges and love as parent and the man they become now it is all worth it. In 2017 Tooth Fairy Designs made my dream come true. I wear it all the time and make me feel very close to them. Thank you TFD! :)
Michelle B
Amazing! The designer told me it was going to be tricky since my daughter's tooth was so little. But they worked their "fairy" magic and made a beautiful piece I can wear and treasure for a lifetime. Highly recommend!
Trisha Bender
It is so beautiful, thank you! I have referred you to many friends and I will be a repeat customer.
Chris Manzo
I got back from Florida and my daughter-in-law handed me my package. I absolutely love my necklace. I put it right on. Now when my daughter is at college in the USA and I am working in Germany I truly have a piece of her with me. Thank you for working to get me the piece I wanted. You are the best. Thanks again.
Adelle Stoddart aka Happy Customer
The piece is just exquisite and my partner was over the moon with the item. Such a unique and precious item of jewellery that he will treasure. Thank you to you and the team for all your hard work and effort. I am sure we will be back in touch when our future children's teeth fall out and I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends and family. With thanks
What a beautiful and special way to display your children's baby teeth! As parents we all keep these teeth tucked away forever and always only to hold on to our most treasured time with our little ones. My message to you: get them out of that old jar, select a design that speaks to you and wear your treasure as a daily reminder of those precious years. I get so many compliments on my necklace and people are blown away when I tell them the "stones" are actually teeth. They clean up so beautifully, it's amazing!
I had a charm made by Tooth Fairy Design for my mother. She thought the jewelry design was beautiful, but when I told her the stone inside was made from one of my baby teeth...she LOVED it! Thank you for creating such a precious gift!
I have 3 pieces and finally my daughter has lost her first tooth and I'm looking forward to making another!
This is such an awesome idea!! I LOVE my pendant and it gives me a beautiful, unique, sentimental piece of jewely that I can carry a piece of my children with me close to my heart. I get wonderful compliments on it every time I wear it. I am so grateful they turned that hidden bag of baby teeth into something so beautiful that I can display proudly.
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