Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

Congratulations on your decision to create a magnificent family heirloom from the tiny baby teeth of your child!  Your jewelry article is like no other anywhere in the world.  It is a customized expression of your personal devotion to your child that you will wear with great pride.  If properly cared for, this jewelry article can be passed down through your family, where its timeless expression of your devotion will be enjoyed and appreciated by many future generations.

Your child’s tooth has been carefully processed through a series of patented processing steps to transform it into the unique "stone" that is mounted in your jewelry article.  The toothstone is secured into the bezel with a strong jewelry adhesive.  The tooth is an organic compound much like a pearl, and it remains fragile.  The same cleaning and care guidelines should be followed.

DO NOT ultrasonically or steam clean your jewelry article, as this can damage both the tooth and the bond.

DO NOT allow the tooth to strike exterior objects, as this may chip, crack, or break the tooth.

DO NOT expose the tooth to extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

DO NOT soak in water, especially in hot water, as this may loosen the bond on the tooth!

DO NOT wear in the bath, shower, pool or other body of water.

DO NOT let the jewelry come into contact with any chemicals, cosmetics, hair spray, cologne or perfume.

DO make it the last piece of jewelry that you put on.

DO make it the first piece you take off.

DO clean using a damp cloth only.

DO wear this piece of jewelry often!